Radiator Hospital- lo-fi’s the new hi-fi

I’d like to apologize to anyone whose music is sitting in my inbox from a date prior to Radiator Hospital‘s submission “Nothin in my Eyes”, but I really couldn’t help it. This 12 song collection of miscellaneous songs is a love song to home recording. With the help of Chris Oposnow and Lafayette Records, Sam Cook Parrot (radiator hospital) released this album on cassette to help promote an upcoming show. Recorded in Parrot’s apartment over a 2month period there’s something welcomely familiar about his wandering choice of instrumentation and the melodies he mixes and layers to create these fairly standard songs each stand on their own. It’s interesting, the somewhat imperfect quality of his home recording setup really makes these songs stand apart in a charming way, probably helping more than hurting the songs themselves…the whole thing has this extra layer of character that makes everything easier to connect to. And Parrot’s voice is reminiscent of someone you’ve heard before, but in a good way. On “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outerspace,'” they use a wonderful vocal back and forth with Jes Kramer that allows both singers to play off of their own unique styles… making the track with the least instrumentation one of the most memorable…. The whole album is worth checking out just for the fact that you can tell this is a guy who loves the songs he’s playing…check the bandcamp, it’s free after all.

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