Double Jump- i’m actually confused.

…as to why I can’t stop listening to this. I’ll admit I’m not the most manly of men, but I didn’t think I would succumb to listening to an album this… emasculating. But I can’t help it. “Back to the Basics” ridiculously cute and catchy hooks, the melodica, the handclaps, the friends on the sing-a-long? So lame. but so good. The whole album is recorded at home, and much like Radiator Hospital’s  album, definitely benefits from this rather basic production approach. I posted a link on facebook to this a few weeks ago when I first accidentally found them on bandcamp, but I wasn’t planning on even writing on it… but the idea of ever recording another episode and not listening to one of the songs from this  six song ode to my sweeter side seemed too upsetting. I wish I didn’t still somehow relate to a song called Junior High, but not only do I relate to, the ridiculous ba-ba-ba hook has been stuck in my head for two weeks…I guess the morale of the story is that I’m man enough to admit that these two kids from SoCal have cracked my macho exterior and found my inner 16 year old girl.

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